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March 2019

From our Priest:
Well Christmas seems a bit more distant now and the season of Lent is nearly upon us. Lent is a special time and may we all do our best to engage with it. Put something into it. Get something out of it. Just grow as Christians in our devotion to Jesus. Lent is a season of preparation for Easter, a feast, a celebration, worth preparing for. In a sense, if we don’t prepare ourselves for Easter and get into the zone of Lent, we miss out on the chance of getting more out of Easter. And as resurrection people, people of the Cross, people of the empty tomb, people of a risen and ascended Lord, who died for our sins, we owe something to our Saviour. Not just a nod and a thank you, but a bit more. We should give ourselves time to get more familiar with Jesus during Lent. Make space. Create silence when we can in all the distractions of our world and cluttered lives.
We can all get a bit lazy in our Christian faith and sometimes just go through the motions of Christian observances. Very easily done! But sometimes it’s good to shake ourselves up. Put the saltiness back into the salt, so to speak and take things a bit more seriously. Lent is a time of opportunity to focus our thoughts and order our lives. We all need order and without it we’re just all over the place.
So whatever we do in Lent, and hopefully we’ll mange to do something special and different; whether we fast, whether we examine our lives and repent, whether we deny ourselves some of the things we enjoy, whether we do some spiritual reading, attend a Lent Course or walk the way of Jesus in the Stations of the Cross; may we have a life changing and meaningful Lent. Life changing doesn’t have to be dramatic, although it can be. But really just a significant change brought about that in some way alters the course of our life and ultimately the course of the world, for the better.
So let’s look forward to this coming season and see it as a time of opportunity. Opportunities are good and a shame to waste. And there’s much opportunity in knowing Jesus Christ.

Fr Carl Peters

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