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2018 - April - From our Priest
Well we wave goodbye to a wintry March and we say hello to Easter on this first day of April. Warmer days are surely ahead!
How was your Lent? Was it grueling? Was it testing? Was it challenging? Or maybe it was none of these and it just came and went before you had chance to take seriously this penitential season, a time where we mentally and perhaps physically prepare ourselves for the joy of Easter. With the many demands and distractions in life it’s quite easy to lose focus or never really get to focus, on the things we need to focus on in our spiritual lives. Religious devotion for many of us at times gets relegated down to a lower level. We know it’s there, but we haven’t quite given enough to it. But it’s safe and it’s around and we don’t want our religion to go away.
In a way it compares to other parts of our lives. We might love our husband, wife, families, but at times we don’t give as much to it as we should. It’s all just safely there on the next level down, but it’s not in the place it should be. At the top.
And so it can be with us and Jesus. Jesus too gets relegated to the next level down whilst some of the other things of this world remain on the top deck. Well, if we’re talking ships at sea and Jesus is on the next deck down it’s not too late to wish him by our side.
Indeed Jesus is stronger than all our wills and negligences and when the storm clouds gather and the wind blows, nothing will stop him coming up from below and standing on the deck with us. Jesus will not let us face the storm alone, we just need to open our eyes and see that he is near.
So if we feel we haven’t done as well as we could have done during Lent (and well done to those of you who have done better) then the least we can do in this time of celebrating Christ’s resurrection is to see Jesus risen and alive.
The dark depths below could not contain him and Jesus burst forth from the tomb to shine his light in our lives!
Oh glorious light of warmer days to come, may we feel the rays that come from You - dispersing the clouds and calming the storms that we might find ourselves in! And then we can walk together, laugh together, sit, talk and eat, before we lie back and look at the blue sky and thank you, Jesus, for giving us new life.
Fr Carl Peters

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