St. John’s Heating Update
A public notice has now gone up in church by the door and outside on the notice board
for the removal and replacement of our heating system.
So far we have received £12,150.00 in grants towards our new heating system to which we give thanks!

Events are being organised to try and raise funds towards the heating
Gift envelopes will be in church for any donations you wish to make

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Updated 21st April 2018
St. John’s Hall Update

Hall update

The hall is involved with the co op members scheme until October 2018.

We are almost at target to start building but the lease is still not completed.
Fundraising and grant claims will be continuing to raise money for the landscaping and fencing.
Don’t forget the hall is in the Co-op member scheme until October 2018.

Thank you,  Lesley

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We are in need of people to join our fundraising group, to help plan church fayre’s etc.
If anyone is interested in being part of this
please contact Shirley Kidd

If anyone is interested in a trip to the theatre at Darlington when it re-opens in October,
please see the list so an idea of interest is had.
For information please see Margaret


FOOD BANK - Donations of food and toiletries are welcome at any time.