Service times below

Services for week starting Sunday, 19th November
2nd Sunday before Advent

St. Catherine’s church - 8:45 p.m. Holy Eucharist
Sunday, 26th November at 6pm
>>>St Catherine’s Patronal Holy Eucharist <<<
All welcome. Refreshments afterwards
There will be no 08.45 a.m. Eucharist next week at St. Catherines


Morning Service this week - followed by tea/coffee
Thursday 9.30 a.m. Holy Eucharist


Prayer for Our Churches: St Patrick’s Parish Room,
Tuesday, 21st November, 09.30 - 10.15 am. All welcome.

to be updated as more information is available
PCC Wednesday 29th November 6.30pm at
St Catherine’s Church, New Brancepeth.
If anyone needs a lift see/contact Fr Carl.
Christmas Lunch Club
at St. Catherine's church Friday 8th December
12.00 Cake Stall, Tombola,
                  Raffle etc. (Church Funds)
12.30 pm Christmas Music
1.00 pm Lunch (£6)
>>All welcome<<
Lunch Booking is Essential!
Make a booking with Joe – 0191 3739927
or David – 0191 3731554
and if you want a lift contact Joe or David.

Monday, 11th December at 2pm
Everyone is welcome to come along
and join in with the residents

We have been asked for any Christmas food,
mince pies , tins of ham, boxes of biscuits,etc.,
to be given early December.
They then can be ready for distribution
in the middle of the month.
Thank you.

see news page

St. John’s hall is part of the co op member scheme from 12th November until 27th October 2018. For every £1 spent on co op own brands 1% goes to the charity pot and 5% to yourself. Only £1 to join. You can register on line or by telephone to choose one of three chosen charities.

If anyone is interested in a trip to the theatre at Darlington when it re-opens in October, please see the list so an idea of interest is had.
For information please see Fr. Carl

The Children’s Society

If anyone would like a box to support
The Children’s Society, please ask


It was noticed that damp was coming through the wall where the boiler house chimney is located. Our local roofing contractor Eric Wilkinson gave us a quote remove the chimney and make good the roor and wall. This was started on Thursday, 28th September 2017.

MAY 2016
The new altar carpet is now fitted which finishes Phase 2 of the renovations.
Many Thanks to Norman Alderson Funeral Directors for their very kind contribution towards the cost of the carpet and to everyone who has supported us in our fundraising over the past few years

MARCH 2016
Four coats of varnish later, the header is now affixed to the notice board. A very grand piece of work carried out by our joiner and others who donated valuable time and expertise to provide a unique new noticeboard

The individual wooden letters were laser cut using 21st century technology. They letters were then individually mounted onto the lighter piece of wood which had been prepared by the joiner.

JANUARY 2016 - the trees were cut back as they were over-mature.
A new noticeboard was made by a local joiner and the finishing touches will be made soon

SEPTEMBER 2015 - the vestry was  decorated and burgundy carpet flooring was fitted. September was the 125th Anniversary of the original church being built.

AUGUST 2015 - The vestry was stripped out, damaged ceiling and walls removed and replaced, new cupboards and shelves built and sliding doors fitted

JULY 2015 -
All internal and external docorating is finished apart from the vestry. The vestry needs stripping out, new cupboards for storage and hanging rails built and new flooring laid prior to decoration

June 2015 -
The kitchen got finished this month and decoration of the church was carried out

April 2015 -
The bulk of the work in the kitchen is done now. It still needs to be decorated and have new fllooring laid - this should be finished on Saturday, 11th April.

March 2015 -
Work will begin on the kitchen on Monday, 9th March and it will be out of action for some weeks. We will need to work around the disruption while work is going on.
We start this project with £14,231.76. Our next fund-raiser is the Easter Fair which will be on Saturday, 28th March at 11am. See news page for details.

February 2015 -
work on the kitchen and vestry should start soon. We're just waiting for the paperwork to be finished and then it can get underway. Meanwhile, fund-raising is still ongoing.

January 2015 -
We are in the process of applying for a Faculty for the refurbishment of the kitchen, vestry, entrance lobby and replacing the heating pipes in the main church body, together with complete redecoration

December 2014 - We now have £13,324 for Phase 2. We are having a meeting on Thursday, 4th December at 10am to decide on how to proceed with the kitchen refit. We also need to apply for a Faculty to do this work.

October 2014 - We have been raising funds to begin Phase 2 of our Restoration. The first job was to refit a new toilet suite and hot water heater. This has been done.
Next we plan to start fitting the kitchen units which we were given. Replastering and decorating of raid damaged walls will also need to be done.
We need to replace our very old central heating pipes and some radiators.

The vestry also needs rain damaged wall and cupboard repair and replacement.
Finally, the interior walls of the whole church need to be mended, prepared and redecorated



At the end of Phase one we have raised
£23, 288.42.
This is to pay for the vestry/porch replacement, and making good the plasterwork.

We have a good start on the next phase - £2,638 in the middle of November.


Progress on St. Catherine’s Church Renovation Project


1st Pic shows the damp in the church - June 2017
2nd pic is a good view of the chimney - early September


28th September- preparations                    29th September still busy


PHASE 2 UPDATES - finished

New altar carpet was fitted on Tuesday 17th May
the colour has changed from gold to red

Finished Noticeboard

January 2016 - New Noticeboard fitted - not quite finished yet

January 2016 - Trees overhanging new roof felled and trimmed

November 2015 - Vestry carpet fitted now

September 2015 - decoration of vestry and porch

August 2015 - vestry wall/ceiling repaired & cupboards fitted

new cupboard carcasses                                                new sliding doors

old cupboards

               central heating pipes                                           damaged cailing, walls and cupboards

16th July - Exterior decoration finished

28th June - Interior decoration finished


23rd June Kitchen is Finished


28th March - it's getting there!!


19th March


Kitchen before the start of renovation 8th March 2015


The finished Roof -

The roof is finished and the church has been painted and is looking good

The guys have been in to make the soakaways for rainwater from the gutters
28th August 2014

The roof was all but finished by the middle of August
Photos taken on 17th August 2014


All the money required has been raised for the First Phase to replace the flat roof over the vestry, Kitchen and back porch.
We give Thanks for the generosity of so many people and for the grants that we have been given from various agencies.
The work is due to start on Monday, 7th July and be completed by Friday, 1st August, as agreed at a meeting with the architect and contractor (Mullhann).

                             July 31st                                                   August 2nd


It is hoped to re-plaster the internal wall near the organ and renew the brickwork and render on the outside of the organ wall.
The costs may be covered by the contingency in the roof contract. However we may need a bit of extra money for this.
So now we have to consider the next phase of the work to make the church more useable for the community of New Brancepeth, as well as for the congregation. The main items include:
Kitchen. There are several aspects, including re-plastering, new electrical points, fitting the units that we have been given (presently stored in the shed), a cooker, fridge and extractor fan.
Toilet. This needs a hand basin, water heater and new toilet.
Vestry. We need to replace some of the cupboards and do some re-plastering and replace the flooring.
Heating. The old large bore pipes that leak from time to time need replacing and at least some of the radiators. It would probably be best to replace all of them if funds allow.
Electrical work. Needed in the kitchen for the cooker and water heater and in the vestry.
Redecoration. After the heating and electrical work, interior redecoration will be required in the church, kitchen, vestry and toilet.
We are seeking budget prices so that we can estimate the target for fund raising. We are also seeking to identify suitable bodies that we can approach for grants. We would like to get on with the work as soon as the roof work is completed.
The first job will be to reorganise the kitchen and toilet areas, and this will include some heating pipework, plastering and electrical work, removing the old units and fitting the new ones.
If you have any comments or ideas, please let Joe or David know.

WORK IN PROGRESS 10th July 2014