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The central heating boiler in St. John's church is not working
and so there is no heating in the church for the moment.
Emergency heating is being sourced but it is advisable to dress warmly
for the time being.
Please pass the word round so that people are aware of the problem
and can dress appropriately.
Hopefully more info may soon be available.

Magazines - The October 2017 Magazine is out now and at the back of church.  

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We had a lovely service tonight with lots of people and some of the village children.
We managed to raise £111 for FarmArica and sent loads of stuff to the Food bank

                              PRODUCE                                                                THE CHILDREN WHO HELPED WITH THE SERVICE


We are hoping to organize a pilgrimage to Walsingham next year, either in the Summer half term holiday
or during the school summer holidays.
This time we would go for Friday-Monday.
Please add your name to the list if you are interested.


Tuesday, 10th Oct. 11.15 am. Midday Prayers, Durham Cathedral Gregory Chapel
led by St. John's Church, Brandon.
Thursday, 12th Oct. 11 am. Overseas Service at St. Mary Magdalene Belmont.
All welcome to attend.
for Raffle , Bottle Stall & Tombola
The Fayre takes place on Saturday, 18th November
from 12noon until 2pm
Only seven weeks away so plans need to be made soon
Thank you to all who can donate
Samaritan’s Purse-Operation Christmas Child
Shoe boxes will be available at the back of church for anyone who would like to fill a shoe box.
There are no accompanying leaflets,
but instructions are on the side of the box
and there are print outs with
suggestions for suitable items,
together with boy/girl labels.
Please note list of items which are not suitable.
Please ask if you need further information
or help with constructing box.



Prayer for Our Churches
at St John’s, Tuesday, 24th September,
09.30 - 10.15 am. All welcome

St. Catherine’s Lunch Club: Friday 13th Oct., 12.15 - 2.00 pm.
£4.00 for hot lunch + dessert.
Make a booking with Joe – 0191 3739927 or David – 0191 3731554
and if you want a lift contact Joe or David.


If anyone is interested in a trip to the theatre at Darlington when it
re-opens in October, please see the list so an idea of interest is had.
For information please see Margaret


The Children’s Society

Yes it’s box opening time!
Please could I ask all box holders to bring in their boxes as soon as possible so that I can ensure
that all old round pound coins can be paid to the bank by October 16th.
There will no doubt be some weeks of grace when the bank will still accept old coins,
but I don’t know how long this will be.
Our number of box holders is gradually decreasing and hence the money we send.
Sadly the number of children needing help and support is as great as ever.
If anyone would like a box to support The Children’s Society, please contact me.
If just 8 people put in 50p a week we could send double what is sent in from this parish.
Many thanks to current box holders for your continued giving.

Memory café
Last Thursday of every month starting Thursday 31st August 2017

The Orchards, Beech Park, Brandon, DH7 8GD
All welcome to join us in the communal lounge from 2.00-3.30pm


Visit the Open Treasure Exhibition in the Cathedral
(fully open now including the Treasures of St Cuthbert)
You will find this includes displays from local art groups. Rose's art group, ‘the Little Green Hut’ display is based on a rose window and is dedicated to Rose's memory.
It also includes Rose's 'St Cuthbert and Lindisfarne' silk painting (this wasn't on display in Brandon).
It will be exhibited for the next four months.
It's £7.50 to get in (still £6.00 with concessions)

newest at the top

St. John’s Spring Fayre
Saturday, 13th May, 12.00 -2.00 pm.


MOTHERS UNION STALL                                                  THE SHIRLEYS STALL



Our branch 125th celebration
was a great success, we had 55 seated guests in the back of the church for our vintage tea party,
and our speaker was the Bishop of Jarrow - thank you to everyone who contributed on the day.

Photo's from St. John’s Open church Saturday, 4th March
as part of the 'Talking Jesus' event
There was a display of paintings on silk by the late Rose Reeve
as well as items of note which are part of the history of St. John's



Thursday, 11th May at 6.00 pm: The first AGM was to be held at church.

Report from Facebook page -
Great first AGM tonight. Thank you to everyone who came.
Lovely positive comments about the new plans.
Building costs have gone up considerably but there is an option for the hall part not to be as big
but it would still hold 180 people seated and fit 10 round tables for 110 people for weddings/ parties.
This would make the back area bigger which the space could be utilised for all sorts of outdoor activities/parking.
Has a meeting room for 12 people and a large kitchen that can be used for meetings as well.
All exciting if we can get the lease and raise the rest of the money!
It's only been three years and we have achieved so much in that time.

For any enquiries please see Facebook stjohnshallmeadowfield or contact Lesley on lesleypb@aol.com


For more updates, see the Hall page here

DH7 CHURCHES TOGETHER - see DH7 page - here

Durham clothing bank need donations of clothes (adult and children), toiletries , nappies , sanitary protection.
The Food bank would like donations of dried food, pasta, rice, soup, tinned meat, fish, fruit, fruit juice, coffee, tea, dried or UHT milk. Food bank is on every Tuesday. Items can be donated Sundays and Wednesdays.

County Durham clothing bank are appealing for items to put in a shoe box for the homeless. List of items for the winter homeless shoe box (bag) appeal -
Cuppa soups, Pot noodles, Hot chocolate, water mix types, Coffee sachets, Toothpaste (49p poundstretcher), Tooth brushes (£1 for 3 poundstretcher), Soap, Wipes, Small flask, Hat, Scarf, Gloves, Socks, Deodorants, Sanitary products for the girls, Shampoo, Conditioner, Comb and brush, Chocolate treats, Pen and note pads, Face cloths.

Need a volunteer to take them to Brandon welfare hall on Tuesday mornings about 11.30am.
Both are held at Brandon Welfare Hall, queries on clothing bank - Dawn 0770 7031625. Food bank enquires to 0191 3037559


ANYONE MISSING - Do you keep an eye on your neighbour?? In the pew, as well as along the road. Please try to help anyone in church who is not familiar with our service; as well as letting the clergy know if people are ill, and not just having a day off



Lesley Baxter, treasurer of St. John's church who was fund-raising to renovate the church hall is now, with the support of others, fund-raising for a complete rebuild of the hall. To keep up with Lesley's progress please see Lesley's Facebook page here - https://www.facebook.com/Stjohnschurchhallmeadowfield



Some History - A Church Hall was proposed and 1508 square yards of land adjourning the Church grounds was rented for the sum of 5/-per year from the Church Commissioners and in 1911 the Parochial Hall was uilt. After the end of the Second World War the army moved out of the Church Hall, and with several grants awarded to the Church the Hall was renovated. It was painted and stage and window curtains were renewed. The Church Lads Brigade benefited from sports equipment and a Bugle and Drums band was formed. The band was reported to awaken the whole of Meadowfield from their beds on a Sunday morning!